Omni Esk8 CNC Battery Box | Top Mounted Enclosure | DIY Electric Skateboard

Option: Omni Battery Box | Top Mounted Enclosure(Box Only)
Battery : None
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omni esk8 battery box


Omni Esk8 CNC Battery Box
Material Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
Color Iron Grey
Weight 1000g/2.2lbs
Charging Port DC 5.1*2.5
USB Port QC 3.0 USB Port *2 (Fast Charging)
Built-in PCB Central control, not just serve as an enclosure
1/4" Screw Hole Fit any action camera mounting

Top Features

  • CNC aluminum matte grey finish
  • Top mounted setup / Sleek layout   
  • Built-in PCB(central control), not just serve as an enclosure
  • Breathing light and smart battery display equipped
  • Charge all your device through QC 3.0 port
  • Easy installation/Plug and play
  • IP55 waterproof


  • Huge volume of 56x 21,700 batteries
  • Able to be installed in any longboards/all terrain boards/mountain boards
  • Fit any action camara mounting

Omni Battery box

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 Battery Box x1
  • Battery Adhesive Holder x4
  • Drill(related tools) x1
  • XT90 Connector x1
  • Multi-function Allen Wrench x1
  • All Bolts/Screws Included

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