Skateboard Footstop (Longboard/Mountainboard/Skateboard) - 1 PCS

Model: Footstop
Color: Grey
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These footstops are manufactured by Omni Esk8 out of an extremely strong aluminum alloy so they will take whatever you throw at them.  

Our adjustable footstops all CNC machined and anodized from 6061 aluminum, have been approved by various esk8 riders and downhill riders. It provides you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate which allows you to skate with more confidence and consistency. If you skate at night, you always know where your foot is on the deck without seeing it.

Model Skateboard Footstop
Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Color Grey
Max. Length 84.5mm
Standard Hole Space 41mm

Top Features

  • More angle adjustment
  • Solid and dependable without feeling too intrusive or restrictive
  • Added anti-slip pattern
  • Added security for foot placement and during acceleration and braking
  • Added the groove for the screw head, look more pretty


  • Applicable to most of the common electric longboards.

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 Skateboard Footstop x1


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