Omni Esk8 13" Double Kingpin High-Precision CNC Truck Set | DIY Electric Skateboard

Option: CNC Double Kingpin Truck Set - 2WD (Drive & Driven)
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Featuring a sleek, modern design, our high-precision CNC Trucks offer superior flexibility and extra strength for any rider. With its precision engineering and reliable construction, these trucks are an ideal choice for any skateboarder looking for a dependable, high-performance ride. Enjoy the smooth and responsive feel of these trucks as you cruise the streets or take on challenging terrain.

Carving with high precision in maintaining the turning radius is essential for creating the perfect turn. That's Omni DKP CNC truck offers. Embedded axles improve truck precision and stability while riding. No more micro adjustments to get your build just right. Perfect set up and alignment the very first time!

Upgrade your ride today with our double kingpin CNC Trucks!

Double Kingpin Trucks = Smoothest Response



Double Kingpin High-Precision CNC Truck
Material Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
Overall Length 330mm/13"
Hanger Length 220mm*8.7"
Single Axle Length 55mm*2.2"
Ride Height 68.1-72.1 mm
Axle Diameter Stepped 10-8 Standard Axle for 8mm Bearings
Bushing Canon 95A(black) / Canon 100A(orange)
Fixed Mount 3-piece hole

Omni Esk8 double kingpin high-precision CNC truckTop Features

  • Embedded Axles & High Precision
  • Durable aluminum magnesium alloy
  • Perfect alignment and fixed mount
  • Stable at high speeds
  • Brand new and integrated design


  • Fits Omni Esk8 Gear Drive
  • Suitable for all kinds of longboards
  • Compatible with 5x & 6x series motors(maximum size 6384)
  • Stepped 10-8mm axles: recommended for pneumatics and urethane wheels
  • Can be reverse mounted & drop-through mounted

Omni Esk8 DKP truck compatibility

  • For reference, the motor mount specifications are as above and can be installed if the specifications are the same(3-piece hole).


🔥🔥Perfect Addition to Any Skateboard (longboard/street board/all terrain board)

Backfire G3/Zealot/Hammer
Exway Flex/Atlas/Wave
Evolve GTR/Hadean
Meepo Voyager/Hurricane/Envy
Ownboard Zesus/AT/W2 Pro
Onsra Black Carve2&3/Velar/Challenger
Acedeck Ares Series/Nomad Series
Verreal RS
Wowgo AT2 Plus/Pioneer/2S Max
  • Skateboard models shown for your information but not limited to.
  • Mountainboards are not compatible with Omni trucks.

    Package List

    • Omni Esk8 CNC Front Truck x1
    • Omni Esk8 CNC Rear Truck x1
    💯Carve with DKP Truck

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