Omni Esk8 Cruiser Gear Drive Kit | Advanced Electric Skateboard Drive System

Gear Drive System: Gear Drive Box + ABEC Adapter + Kegel Adapter + Coupler Adapter
Pinion Gear: Fits Boundmotor Flash
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omni esk8 gear drive

Model Omni Esk8 Cruiser Gear Drive Kit
Material 6061 Aluminum
Motor Shaft D-Type 8mm/10mm
Center Distance 64mm
Ratio 2.7
Gear Type POM Wheel Gear / Alloy Steel Helical Gear

Top Features

  • Less rolling resistance
  • Better acceleration and braking
  • Non-rust/stronger than Titanium
  • Quick-swap Kegel/ABEC/Coupler pattern wheel adapters
  • Versatility in gears to adapt different sizes of wheel
  • Longevity and Reliability (No belts to break or rocks to get into your pulleys)


  • ABEC/Kegel/Coupler Pulley
  • 8MM D-Type Motor Shaft (e.g. Evolve)
  • 10MM D-Type Motor Shaft (e.g. Meepo/Onsra/Ownboard/Wowgo etc.)
  • Applicable to double kingpin truck that fit the drive with any 63xx motor & Omni CNC TKP truck
  • Ability to accommodate 63xx Motors and 97mm to 155mm wheels (75mm tall gear housing can run down to 97mm wheels).

Omni Esk8 gear drive compatibility

  • For reference, the motor & truck mount specifications are as above and can be installed if the specifications are the same. Round motor shafts are not compatible with the gear drive.

Tips For Use

1. Dual Motor Setup will require (1) orders of these. 1 QTY is for 2x Gear Drive.
2. 4WD Setup will require (2) orders of these. 2 QTY is for 4x Gear Drive.

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 Gearbox x2 
  • Omni Esk8 Pinion Gear x4
  • Omni Esk8 Wheel Gear x2
  • Omni Esk8 Kegel/ABEC/Coupler Pulley x2 
  • All Bearing Included(61807ZZ/61808-2RS/698ZZ)
  • Lubricating Grease x1
  • Multi-function Allen Wrench x1
  • All Bolts Included
💯Built with Gear Drive

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