Omni Esk8 XRUN Smart ESC | 90A FOC-ESC

Option: 90A XRUN Smart ESC (Inc. Remote)
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Integrated with FOC technology, Omni Esk8 XRUN Smart ESC offers exceoptional performance and maneuverability features for electric skateboards.

You would experience the pleasure of powerful and responsive riding, while the board maintains smooth and linear movement, thanks to the support of OMNI ESC.


Omni Esk8 XRUN Smart ESC


Max. Continuous Current

Omni Esk8 ESCTop Features

  • 90A Higher current output
  • Powerful & smooth feature in acceleration & braking
  • Protection (Over-current/voltage/temperature)
  • Regenerative braking
  • Smart System - self-learning to fit multiple motors


  • Fits XT90 connectors
  • Able to maintain the maximum output current for durations of up to 30 seconds
  • Applicable to 10-14S battery

Tip For Pairing

  1. Press and hold the "Remote Switch" to activate "Pairing Mode".
  2. Select "2WD" or "4WD" depending on the setup you're using, then press and hold the Board Switch until it blinks. (Pair successfully once the remote vibrates.)
  3. Select "KMH" or "MPH"
  4. Select "Hub" or "Belt"
  5. Select the value of Gear Ratio
  6. Select Pole Pair (7 by default)
  7. Select the Brake Intensity
  8. Power off the remote, then power it back on. Subsequently, turn off the board. Once the remote displays "Disconnection," turn on the board again.
  9. To enter self-learning mode, rapidly press the "Board Switch" 3 times. When the self-learning is done, power off and on the remote.

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 XRUN Smart ESC x1
  • Remote x1

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