Build a DIY E-board - Omni esk8's CNC Battery Box on a 3K Carbon Fiber Deck (feat. Flipsky)

NEW SHOES! Omni ESK8 140mm Airless Rubber Wheels - NEVER FLAT!


Omni AT Gear drive kit / DKP + TKP Combination Truck setup

Revolutionize Your Ride with the Omni eSK8 Gear Drive System

[Esk8 stuff] Omni Esk8 13" DKP / TKP High-Precision CNC Truck Set - It's a piece of art

Omni ESK8 CNC Alloy Hub Assembly & 130mm PU Sleeve Test!

Omni ESK8 GEAR DRIVE! Convert To Gear Drive, With Tons Of Versatility!

Build an Electric Skateboard with Omni 2-in-1 Gear drive system / Fits Evolve

Gear Drive Board Builder | Electric Skateboard | Omni Esk8

Top Mounted Battery Box Installation Guide | Omni Esk8

Cruiser Gear Drive Installation Guide | Omni Esk8


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