155MM All Terrain Pneumatic Wheels

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Omni Esk8 155mm pneumatic wheel comes with fine workmanship. All terrain game changer, thick hard compound rubber to make them last longer, and a tread pattern that will give you a grippy ride no matter what path you choose and you will feel that added confidence in different riding condition.

Also strong damping and high wear resistance, which give effectively cushion effect for the body vibration caused by rough roads, it helps increase stability.

Featuring reasonable design, perfect matching models, and it is a wonderful upgrade parts for broken or old one.


155MM All Terrain Pneumatic Wheels
Diameter 155mm * 50mm
Pulley Teeth 60T
Bearings 608 & 6900

Top Features

  • Insanely Smooth
  • Better grip and operation
  • Terrain - Grass & Dirt


  • Applicable to most boards with Kegel adapters from other brands.

Package List

  • 155mm Pneumatic Wheels x4
  • 608 Bearings x8 (Preinstall)
  • Bearings Spacers x4 (Preinstall)
  • 60T Hybrid Nylon Pulley x2
  • 6900 Bearings for pulley x2  (Preinstall)

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