130MM 75A Premium PU Wheel Sleeves

Option: 130MM PU Sleeve x1
Color: White
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The Omni Esk8 130MM 75A Premium PU Wheel Sleeves are thicker and wider than the normal PU sleeves. It floats over cracks and rocks nicely thanks to its larger diameter wheel. You're able to go faster as it is smoother at higher speeds.

The main difference between 90mm vs 130mm is the amount of urethane on the outside of the wheels. The 130mm fit perfectly if you want to replace the 90/100mm. There will be a huge difference in shock absorption, also it still better and they will last longer.

Hubs NOT included in any package option, shown for illustrative purposes.


130MM PU Wheel Sleeves
Diameter 130mm * 50mm
Durometer 75A
Material Durable Nylon Design

Omni 130mm electric skateboard wheel

Top Features

  • Insanely Smooth
  • Better grip and operation
  • Terrain - Crack & Dirt
  • Simple and Easy Installation


  • Applicable to double kingpin Trucks(10mm to 8mm step down axles)

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 130mm Premium Urethane PU Wheel 

    💯Ride with 130mm Sleeves

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