Cruiser Gear Drive + CNC TKP Truck Drivetrain Kit | Electric Skateboard Drive System

Drivetrain Setup: Cruiser Gear Drive + CNC TKP Truck (2WD Version)
Wheel Hub: CNC H5 Hub
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Omni Gear Drive and CNC Truck possess an unmatched capability to generate exceptional torque and provide seamless acceleration, even from a standstill. Furthermore, their design ensures stability at high speeds. 

If you're seeking a gear drive setup, this versatile bundle is the perfect choice for you. It is compatible with boards of any brand, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and swap this setup onto your existing board.

Cruiser Gear Drive + CNC TKP Truck Drivetrain Kit | Electric Skateboard Drive System

Model Cruiser Gear Drive + CNC TKP Truck
Gear Drive

Ratio: 2.7

Helical Gearing:15:20:40

Gear Type: POM Wheel Gear / Alloy Steel Helical Gear

Motor Shaft: D-Type 8mm/10mm


Overall Length: 330mm/13"
Hanger Length: 220mm*8.7"
Single Axle Length: 55mm*2.2"
Ride Height: 68.6-70.8 mm
Axle Diameter: Stepped 10-8 Standard Axle for 8mm Bearings
Bushing: Canon 95A(black) / Canon 100A(orange)

Top Features

  • High Precision Truck: superior stability/superior turning
  • Cruiser Gear Drive: less resistance/high torque
  • Ready-to-install


  • Applicable to all boards
  • 8MM D-Type Motor Shaft (e.g. Evolve)
  • 10MM D-Type Motor Shaft (e.g. Meepo/Onsra/Ownboard/Wowgo etc.)
  • Ability to accommodate 63xx Motors and 97mm to 155mm wheels (75mm tall gear housing can run down to 97mm wheels)
  • Ability to accommodate 63xx Motors 

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 Cruiser Gear Drive x2
  • Omni Esk8 TKP Truck(Front & Rear) x1

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