140MM All Terrain Airless Rubber Sleeves

Option: 140MM All Terrain Airless Rubber Sleeve x1
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Introducing the revolutionary riding experience - Omni Esk8 140MM All Terrain Airless Rubber Sleeves! These sleeves are designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain, from the flat road to the toughest roads. It's also highly durable and boasts a well-balanced design, eliminating any wobbling.

Nothing ruins a ride or commute faster than a flat, even if you're prepared for the eventual flat tire, having to stop and deal with one still adds time and frustration to your schedule, we created a better solution.

Hubs NOT included in any package option, shown for illustrative purposes.


140MM All Terrain Airless Rubber Sleeves
Diameter 140mm*56.6mm
Inner Diameter 90mm*34.5mm
Durometers 60A

Omni Esk8 140MM All Terrain Airless Rubber Sleeves

Top Features

  • Insanely Smooth
  • Better grip and operation
  • No swelling & intubation
  • Withstand any pressure changes
  • Terrain - Grass & Dirt


  • Applicable to double kingpin Trucks(10mm to 8mm step down axles)
  • Fits Omni H5/H11/NH5 hubs/Evolve AT hubs/standard 6” hub

    Package List

    • 140mm Airless Wheels x4
      💯Ride with 140mm Sleeves

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