115MM Airless Rubber Wheels

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Are you riding on rough roads and streets? Is your back and feet hurting from the potholes and deep cracks? Have you fell into a pothole? You'll love these new 115MM REALLY BIG WHEELS!

Easily convert your street wheel electric skateboard to a more comfortable ride to cruise on beach paths or ride on dirt trails. The 115mm diameter allows you to roll up drop-curbs and forget about small pebbles which would previously have you chewing the tarmac.

A larger 115mm diameter wheel can increase your top speed but if you wanted more torque, you can always increase your gearing ratio for more torque over top speed.

Belts NOT included in any package option, shown for illustrative purposes.

For unknown belt length, you can click here to calculate the length of any belt based on your board setup. 


115MM Airless Rubber Wheels


115mm * 64mm
Durometers 70A
Bearings ABEC-11

Top Features

  • Insanely Smooth
  • Durometer 70A Grippy and Long Lasting
  • Metal Core
  • Terrain - Rough Ground


  • Applicable to most boards with Kegel adapters from other brands(Boosted Board/ Exway board/Evolve Skateboard/Ownboard/OnsraLycaonboard).

Package List

    Package 1(Omni Esk8 115mm Rubber Wheels Kit) : 

    • 115MM Rubber Wheel x4
    • 608 ABEC-11 Bearings x8 (Preinstall)
    • Bearings Spacers x4 (Preinstall)
    • 40T Hybrid Nylon Pulley x2
    • 6900 Bearings for pulley x2  (Preinstall)

    Package 2(Omni Esk8 115MM Rubber Wheels) : 

    • 115MM Rubber Wheel x4
    • 608 ABEC-11 Bearings x8 (Preinstall)
    • Bearings Spacers x4 (Preinstall)

    Package 3(Omni Esk8 Kegel Adapters Kit) : 

    • 40T Hybrid Nylon Pulley x2
    • 6900 Bearings for pulley x2  (Preinstall)

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