Alloy CNC Wheel Hub Set - H5 | Electric Skateboard All Terrain Tyre Hub (55T Pulleys Included)

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Option: Omni Esk8 CNC Rims - H5 (4 PCS)
Pulley: 55T CNC Pulley (2 PCS)
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You’ve got the beast, now make it your own! Customize your All Terrain setup with our hubs. Whether you are building a street board that can handle any terrain or a mountain board, these hubs are easy to use and install. 

Omni Esk8 rim design takes all the hardware from the traditional two-piece rim and replaces it with interlocking teeth worked directly into the rim itself. Just a simple rotation of the rim is all it takes to fit you.

They are manufactured using only the best materials on the best machines. Every batch is produced with love and attention to detail. They are being held together using nuts & bolts made of strong aluminum alloy. 

Please note that Omni H5/H11 hubs are compatible with Gear Drive & Belt Drive(pulley included).

Model Alloy CNC Wheel Hub Set- H5
Material Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Pulley 55T

H5 CNC wheel hubTop Features

  • Fits wide variety of tires
  • 50mm Wide
  • Fits standard skate Bearings
  • Fits standard Skate Trucks
  • Absolutely rust-free
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Ideal for electric drivers


  • Applicable to 6.5inch to 9inch wheels
  • 2X 5star Bolting pattern for M5 Screws
  • 08mm Axle - Truck
  • Compatible with GEAR DRIVE and BELT DRIVE(pulley included) 

Tips For Use

  • If 55T pulley applied in belt driven board, you may need to swap the belt with proper size.
  • For unknown belt perimeter, you can click here to calculate the length of any belt based on your board setup. 

Package List

  • Four Hubs of a Set
  • 55T Pulley x2
  • 608 Bearing(For hub) x8
  • 16100 Bearing(For pulley) x2
  • All Bolts Included
💯Roll with H5 Hub

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