HTD 5M Timing Belt | Customizable Perimeter & Width

Perimeter: 230mm
Width: 15mm
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This belt is a direct replacement for the worn belts of your electric skateboard. Made of strong reinforced compound, this belt is designed for durability and a long service life. The tooth profile is designed to minimize torque loss and maximize the power delivered to the wheels, which will give your board setup a true upgrade.

We provide all series of HTD 5M belt, feel free to leave us a message with the perimeter or width you want while placing an order.  *Please kindly note that the price for (1) quantity is for 2 belts.

For unknown belt length, you can click here to calculate the length of any belt based on your board setup. 

Model HTD 5M Timing Belt
Material Rubber
Belt Cross Section 5M
Pitch 5mm
Perimeter 230/255/280/300/340/375mm
Tooth Type Circular Arcs
Gear Type POM Wheel Gear / Alloy Steel Helical Gear
Product Type Teeth
HTD 5M 230 46
HTD 5M 255 51
HTD 5M 280 56
HTD 5M 300 60
HTD 5M 340 68
HTD 5M 375 75

 Omni Esk8 Belt Product Insights

Top Features

  • Reinforced for long service life
  • Easy installation onto any model


  • Applicable to most boards

Package List

  • Belt - HTD 5M x2

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