6374 170KV Motor | Brushless Electric Skateboard Motor

Motor Type: 6374 170Kv
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The 6374 170KV Brushless Outrunner Motor Belt Drive Motor with Closed Cover for DIY Electric Skateboard.

Other than strong body composition, this product has a steady system, too. It holds a maximum wattage of 3350W and an amperage rating of 105A. These figures contribute to the power capacity of this motor.

Perfect for hill climbing and better acceleration, the Omni Esk8 6374 Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor will surely make a ride smoother than the most. This product is a belt-driven motor designed for superior strength. Thus, whether going uphill or racking up some speed, we can always rely on this motor.


6374 170KV Motor
Power 950W/Max 3350W
Load/Max Current
Max RPM Voltage * KV (170KV)
Weight 1.15 lb./0.88 kg
Recommend Battery 6 - 14S (22-58.8V)
Recommend ESC 3 - 14S 50A 
Diameter 63mm
Length 74mm
SHAFT 10mm diameter/ 25mm length
Wire Configuration

Blue = U

White = V

Yellow = W

omni 6374 motorTop Features

  • Brushless Sensored Motor is designed to deliver good performance and efficiency.
  • Precision design for maximum conversion of energy.
  • Excellent heat dissipation quality ensures reliable operation system.
  • Steady shaft has longer service life.


  • Applicable to 6 - 14S (22-58.8V) battery and 3 - 14S 50A  ESC

Reference Information

  • The screws used for the motor are M4 metric bolts. Using our motor mounts, we recommend using M4 Socket Cap bolts.
  • Screws to mount the motor are not included with the motor.

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 6374 Motor x1

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