Inflatable Wheel Hub Set- NH5 | Electric Skateboard All Terrain Tyre Hub (60T Pulleys Included)

Package: All Terrain NH5 Hub Set(60T pulley included)
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Innovative and durable, the new Omni Esk8 Electric Skateboard Hub was unleashed for use on our all terrain electric skateboards and to handle all terrain wheels. With the highest strength to weight ratio of any injection, the stiffness and impact resistance has increased.


Electric Skateboard NH5 Hub

Pulley Teeth Count

Bearing OD 26mm
Material Durable Nylon Design
Recommend Belt Type 5M

Omni Esk8 NH5 all terrain type hub

Top Features

  • Fits wide variety of tires
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Increased stiffness
  • More stable


Reference Information

  • The bearings used are not standard 608 bearings.(8x26x8mm)
  • We recommend you keep your tire pressure at 40-45psi. If you notice any decrease in your range, be sure your tires are pumped up!

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 Electric Skateboard NH5 Hub x4
  • 60T pulley x2
  • M4x35 screw set
  • Bearing Included


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