Alloy CNC Wheel Hub Set - RH5 | Electric Skateboard All Terrain Tyre Hub (60T Pulleys Included)

Option: Omni Esk8 CNC Rims Set - RH5 (4 PCS)
Wheel: None
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You’ve got the BEAST, now make it your own! 

The Omni Esk8 RH5 rim is constructed from CNC aluminum alloy, distinguishing it from other hubs with its unique quick-release structure. This feature allows for the direct swapping of pneumatic wheels through hub assembly and disassembly, eliminating concerns about screws and tubes.

The rim incorporates a patented bearing fixing technology that facilitates rapid disassembly and installation of bearings. This advancement effectively resolves the problem of bearings being either excessively tight, resulting in difficulty in removal, or too loose, leading to easy shaking and potential dislodging.

Let's give it a shot!

Model Alloy CNC Wheel Hub Set- RH5
Material Aluminum Alloy
Pulley Teeth Count 60T
Color Matte Silver
Bearing 608 bearing for hub
6000 bearing for pulley

Omni Esk8 RH5 Alloy CNC Wheel HubTop Features

  • Strong CNC Aluminum Alloy
  • Quick and Easy Assembly(Wheel/Bearing)
  • Stable & Reliable
  • Wider than standard hub


  • Double Bearing Design: Applicable to 608/6001and other bearings
  • Applicable to DKP/Mountain truck or 8/9/12mm axle
  • Compatible with BELT DRIVE board(CNC pulley included) 
  • Fits 175mm/200mm AT wheels

Tips For Use

  • If 60T pulley applied in belt driven board, you may need to swap the belt with proper size.
  • For unknown belt perimeter, you can click here to calculate the length of any belt based on your board setup. 
  • The hub is not compatible with Omni Gear Drive for the time being.

Package List

  • Four Hubs of a Set
  • 60T Pulley x2
  • 608 Bearing(For hub) x8
  • 6000 Bearing(For pulley) x2
  • All Bolts Included

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