Hexagon Grip Tape | Fine Grit & Shock-Absorbing Foam

Grip Tape Type: Grit Only - 0.35mm thickness
Quantity: 4 Sheets of 1 Set
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Not your average grip tape! This version features our dope hexagon-shaped look and fits any longboard shape.

Formulated with long-lasting glue to provide the best stick, this grip tape's fine-grit texture and smooth cutting makes it perfect for skateboards, cruisers, longboards, scooter and more. Create stylish and DYI designs with our precut Grip Tape Hexagons.

Beginner or pro, you will feel like you own a new skateboard!

Model Grip Tape
Color Black
Type Grit Only - 0.35mm thickness
Grit & Foam- 4mm thickness
Sheet Size
27cm× 24cm (10.63’‘ × 9.44’‘)
Hexagon Side Length 4cm (1.6 Inch)
Quantity 4 Sheets of 1 Set
Appr. 10 Hexagon Pieces Per Sheet

Top Features

  • More water-resistant and vibration absorbing
  • Improved comfort and strength
  • Better control over your board
  • Super Grip


  • Applicable to most of the electric skateboards, longboards, cruisers, scooters and onewheel models.

Package List

  • Hexagon Grip Tape Sheets x4

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