Longboard Pump Bracket | Wheelbase Extender | Drop Through Setup

Model: Longboard Bracket (2 PCS)
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These Omni Esk8 brackets are good for lowering your board at angles if you want to make a trip or if you want to skate long distances in general. Also for high speed and long distance Longboard pumping(LDP longboarders/riders). We brought this here because it is a favorite with many e-board builders.

Can be used as a good part for the modification or replacement of the skateboard to improve its service life. This bracket is expertly crafted from premium alloy material, recognized for its exceptional durability, impressive hardness, and resistance to deformation.

It's considered stiff, and the opening that allows for a drop through. With only 13.68mm of drop it provides lots of leverage and ample clearance for efficient LDP pumping and also room for batteries and big Wheels if you are an e-board builder.


Longboard Bracket


Aluminum Alloy
Color Black & Red
Dimension 209.6mm*53mm*25.7mm
Drop 13.7mm

Omni Esk8 Longboard BracketTop Features

  • Strong and durable design
  • Lower ground clearance(stable) - (Lowers ride height by about 0.5″ / 13 mm)
  • Ample clearance for the largest of wheels
  •  Simple installation and wide application


  • Applicable to RKP and TKP trucks
  • Fits with most wheels

Package List

  • Omni Esk8 Longboard Bracket x2

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