Omni Esk8 LED Tail Light | Electric Skateboard | High Visibility

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Have you ever tried riding your electric skateboard in the dark? If so, you probably found it to be a less-than-pleasant experience. With the right lighting, you can make your electric skateboarding experience much safer and more enjoyable.

Now, if you’re ready to get yourself a set of eskate lights, Omni would be glad to help.

The Omni tail light is equipped with high brightness SMD LED for superior brightness and long lifespan. Utilizing a high quality lithium polymer battery, it can be recharged up to 500 times. With a high-quality light control chip and algorithm, it automatically switches the light source according to the brightness of the environment, meeting IP64 protection level and able to adapt to all kinds of complex outdoor conditions. It features multiple modes and brightness levels and offers smart brake sensing with a high-performance accelerometer chip for maximum sensitivity.


LED Tail Light

39.5 x 29mm

1.6 x 1.1 inch

LED 16xHigh brightness SMD LED
Lumen 20
Battery 702030 Polymer lithium battery
Use Time


Slow strobe(18h)



Breathing flash(4.3h)

Weight 33g/1.2lbs
Housing Material PC Engineering plastics/6063 Aluminum alloy

Top Features

  • High brightness SMD LED
  • Long life(500 charging times)
  • Constant temperature in various brightness
  • Multiple modes and brightness available
  • Smart brake sensing function
  • High-performance accelerometer chip for better responsive brake funtion


  • Applicable to any electric skateboards/skateboards/longboards
  • Can be mounted directly on top of the truck base

Package List

  • LED Tail Light x2
  • Mount x2
  • Charging Cable x2
  • Allen Key *2

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