Tips for Electric Skateboard Bearing Maintenance

Many people may think that the bearing is a kind of stuff consumable, but the truth is, if you keep the bearing in good condition, it can be long-lasting than your anticipation, Here we summarized some approaches which may help you to take care of the bearing.

Why we need maintenance of the bearing?

The bearing is made up of steel, which means the wet road or puddle could rust the bearing, they are required to be maintained over time, if you feel the noise come from the bearing, that indicates that it’s time to grab a new set.

We can’t ensure the bearing never gets rusted, but simple maintenance can help the bearing last longer.

electric skateboard bearing

How to clean the bearing?

1. Take out the bearing

You've got a new set of wheels, but you're not quite sure how to put them on. Don't worry! It's really easy—you just need to follow these steps:

  • 1. Unscrew the nut on the axle.
  • 2. Remove the wheel and any spacers or shields on your axle and flip your board on its back, so the trucks are facing up.
  • 3. Slip the wheel onto the tip of the axle--you want the axle tip to be about midway through the first bearing.
  • 4. Using a bit of force, press down with the inner edge of your palm until the wheel pops off the bearing. Repeat on both sides for all wheels.
2. Cleaning and lubricating your bearings

How to increase the bearing performance and longevity and keep the wheels performing in top shape? The answer is the cleaning and lubricating of the skateboard bearing. First off, we need to take off the bearing by the upon steps. Clean all the dirt buildup on all the bearings and put them into a vessel. Pour some bearing cleaner and soak them all over by following the tutorial of the product you're using.

After the soaking of the bearing, We need to wipe all the bearing and lubricant spray them (Don't use the WD40 to lubricant your bearing, It will coagulate and clog), Then we need to pry off the rubber shield, and immerse the metal bearing in the acetone about 10 mins.

Take out the bearing from acetone after 10 mins, and wait until the bearing is 100% dry. Drip one or two lubricants into each of them. Reattach the bearings to your skateboard wheels after replacing the rubber shield on the bearing.

How to protect the bearing from abuse?

We offer 2 best partners with bearing for you.

1:Bearing spacer

The bearing spacer fits into the wheel between the bearing, shaped like a metal cylinder. It plays a role to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing, this spacer could definitely help to extend the longevity of your bearing and make your turn smoother and stable.

electric skateboard bearing spacer
2:Speed washers

There are a few different names for speed washers, but they all have the same purpose: to reduce friction in order to help your wheel turn faster. They serve as a buffer between the nut and bearing, which allows your wheels to rotate quickly while also protecting the bearing face from damage.

electric skateboard- speed washer, speed ring


Make the bearing last longer by maintenance, We can follow the above instruction for cleaning and lubricating your bearings, also the bearing spacer and speed washer could be considered as an affiliate unit to mount with your bearing, which helps to keep the bearing working properly as long as it should.

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